Cuba Tour: Experience Its Rich History

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Cuba has always been a mystery due to the ban on tourism. Today, the tourism ban is now lifted, and you can experience Cuba for the first (and hopefully not the last) time.

Cuba, also known as “El Caimán,” is located in the Caribbean Sea. It is surrounded by the North Atlantic Ocean to the west, the Gulf of Mexico to the east, the Straits of Florida to the south and the Windward Passage and Yucatan Channel to the north. Cuba is the main island and takes up the majority of the land area; it is the 17th largest island based on its land area. In addition, Cuba is located west of Haiti, north of Jamaica, south of the Bahamas and Florida and east of Mexico.

Over 4,000 islands and cays are located in and around Cuba’s bays and surrounding seas. Some of those island groups are Jardines de la Reina, the Canarreos, and the Colorados Archipelagos. When visiting Cuba, you will notice that the land is mostly flat and then becomes mountainous in the southeast portion, including the Sierra Maestra, Sierra Cristal, Sierra del Rosario and Escambray mountain ranges. Besides many mountains, Cuba also possesses beaches and marshes located in its coastal area. Zapata Swamp is the largest marsh, which is approximately 1,750 square miles.

While visiting Cuba, you will find enjoyable tropical temperatures. In fact, the average temperature in January is 73.6 degrees while July’s average temperature is 80.6 degrees. November to April is Cuba’s dry season while May to October is Cuba’s rainy season. Its location is also in the path of hurricanes that are most common in September and October, Cuba’s rainy period.

It is an exciting time in Cuba’s history now that the tourism industry is open. Visitors can now experience Cuba, its people and its history first-hand. Condor Tours and Travel has an amazing eight-day Cuba tour coming up June 15-22, 2016. Lori Snow, Latin American touring expert, will be leading this trip. The following are some of the exciting excursions on this tour’s itinerary:

  • Parisian dinner show in Havana, the capital of Cuba;
  • Walking tour of Old Havana (La Habana Vieja);
  • Museum of Rum
  • Tour of Havana’s four major squares: Plaza Vieja, Plaza de la Catedral, Plaza de Armas, and Plaza San Francisco;
  • Sierra del Rosario Nature Reserve;
  • Buenavista Coffee Plantation;
  • Tropicana Caberet, Cuba’s world famous nightclub;
  • Che Guevara Memorial; and
  • Las Terrazas de Cojimar, the fisherman’s bar that Ernest Hemingway wrote about in his novel The Old Man and the Sea

These are just a few highlights that Lori will show you on this tour. Along the way, you will get to enjoy Cuba’s cuisine. Cuban food is a combination of Native American, African, Spanish and Caribbean-type cuisine. Meals consist of staples like rice and beans, tamales, black bean soup and rice with chicken. Citrus, garlic, onion and peppers can be found in Cuba’s food as well.

Depending on your budget, Condor Tours and Travel also offers four other Cuba tour packages that concentrate on Colonial Havana or Cuba and its beaches. These tours range from five days to eleven days.

For more information on these tours, please visit Condor Tours and Travel’s website today.

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