Antarctica – Visit This Land Of Extremes

At the bottom of the world there is a mysterious land of eternal winter. The vast windswept continent of Antarctica was not even known to the outside world until the late 1700’s, and the interior was not explored until the early 1900’s. A land of endless glaciers and towering icy peaks, in some places the ice cap reaches a depth of nearly three miles. Antarctica is essentially a desert continent, and most of the interior receives less than 50 mm of precipitation a year, all of it in the form of snow. All of Antarctica remains below freezing year-round with the exception of the northern part of the Antarctic Peninsula. So remote and isolated is this frozen realm that it has been used as a proving ground for possible space missions.

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What sort of person would want to visit and explore such a hostile place? Only an intrepid adventurer. There are opportunities if you are bold enough and willing to step outside your comfort zone. You can be one of the brave cadres of explorers to visit the hidden continent. Sound appealing? If so, an Antarctic adventure tour might be just the thing for you!

There are a variety of trips and excursions you can take to this polar realm. They range from sea voyages on luxury ships from which you can comfortably watch the seabirds, penguins and other wildlife to expeditions into the remote interior. Some trips will use the ship as a sort of “base camp” from which you can land on the coast or even camp overnight. Remarkably, a census of polar life conducted in 2010 revealed that there are 235 species of marine life found in both the Arctic and Antarctic regions, having somehow bridged the 12,000-mile distance in between. Blue whales, orcas, and giant squids can also be found in the rich fisheries near the Antarctic coast.

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In a land where the sun never sets, and the ice is miles deep, the austere beauty of the Antarctic summer is an experience of a lifetime. Underneath the ice, there are known to be a number of vast, subglacial lakes, some of which have been sealed away from the surface for millions of years. Who knows what secrets might lie in these stygian depths?

Tours depart from the southern port cities of Chile or Argentina and cross the tempestuous Southern Ocean. The newer tours have you fly to King George Island where you miss the rough Drake Crossing but get to experience Antarctica. Even in summer (northern winter), the weather will be cold, so you will want to dress accordingly. Depending on the trip you book, your accommodations will range from luxurious to spartan. As you approach Antarctica with the icy spray in your face, you will see the rugged shores and towering ice cliffs in the distance. What wonders lie in store? Book your trip today and find out! Visit Condor Tours & Travel as we offer a variety of packages to experience this destination.

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Condor Tours & Travel has four Antarctica packages for you to choose from; ranging from a 6 day / 5 night trip to the extensive 16 day / 15 night excursion. Starting your journey in either Chile or Argentina. You are met by the Antarctica21 team of experts who will take you through the Beagle Channel and to legendary Cape Horn. Cross the mythical waters of the Drake Passage and spend a day in one of the most spectacular places on earth – Antarctica.

Our most extensive package starts in Punta Arenas, Chile from which you will fly to King George Island in the South Shetland chain. You will be given an opportunity to explore the island before embarking on your trip aboard the expedition vessel, Zodiac. Leaving King George Island, you sail along the western coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, an area of spectacular ice filled fjords and vast icebergs. You will explore several spots in the Gerlache Strait that offer the best possible overview of the varied Antarctic environment. Weather permitting, you will visit Elephant Island where the crew of Shackleton’s ship, Endurance, found refuge while he and five handpicked men traveled on to South Georgia.

From Elephant Island you will journey on to South Georgia Island. South Georgia is a diverse landscape of majestic mountains, huge glaciers, grassy uplands and deep fjords. You will visit the former whaling outpost of Grytviken where you may pay your respects before the simple grave of Ernest Shackleton. At St. Andrew’s Bay you will be amazed by the sight of over 150,000 king penguins. Nearby Cooper Island is the nesting home of thousands of black-browed albatrosses and a large colony of macaroni penguins. Once your time in South Georgia is done, you will sail back to South America along the Beagle Channel and admire the rugged beauty of Tierra del Fuego and Navarino Island as you make your way to the Argentine port of Ushuaia to begin your trip home.

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Antarctica awaits those brave enough to make the trip. But plan ahead as there is limited space and it sells out quickly. 2019 is already sold out and there are only a few spots left for 2020. Contact Condor Tours & Travel today to get started on your adventure to the South Pole! You will make enough memories to last a lifetime!

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