Why a Spring Break Cruise May be the Answer to Your Kids Problems

Spring Break Cruise to the Caribbean

Admit it. Your student spends most of her time with a phone in her hands or a laptop at her fingertips. If you’re lucky, you may catch her flipping through an actual old-school text book. Her day is filled with screens, papers and projects. Friendships have been reduced to social media feeds filled with emojis and movie clips. Actual face-to-face conversations have become more and more rare. Shouldn’t school be about exploring and learning? Wasn’t the college experience meant to be so much more?

Classes and schedules can be overwhelming leaving your student so busy they don’t have time for anything else, even real friendships. They have no extra time or energy, and if they do, it’s probably spent scrolling through social media on their phone. It makes quality friendships nearly impossible. Beyond the degree, college as well as high school is the time when you are supposed to make friends for life, create lasting memories, and learn how to actually socialize so you are better prepared for the work environment.

Millennials and Gen Z’s want real connection. They just don’t know how to go about creating it. Grades are important and may get your student through college, but almost every job in the world requires that you be able to communicate and socialize well. Employers have noticed that millennials who are entering the workforce are already having trouble communicating. Later generations are likely to face this problem to an even greater degree.

A Truly Social Connection

A spring break cruise may just be what your student needs. Spring break offers the opportunity to disconnect from their busy schedules and do some real socializing. How about a seven-day Caribbean cruise on the Symphony of the Seas? It’s the perfect balance between adventure, relaxation, and quality socialization. A cruise gives your student the time and atmosphere to unplug and create memories they’re never going to forget. It’s not only a gift for them but also a gift for you. Wouldn’t you like your student to learn how to socialize instead of being trapped in his or her phone?

In addition to their desire for true connection, Millennials and Gen Z’s are on the search for new experiences. The more activities for them to partake in the more likely they are to set their phone aside and make some real memories. On the Symphony of the Seas, there is a little something for everyone no matter what their interest. It may even stretch your son or daughter beyond his or her normal limits, making them a more well-rounded person.

From Ziplines to Sushi to Broadway

On the cruise, they have the opportunity to experience fine art in new ways. They can discover a live orchestra, Broadway plays, ice skating shows, aqua theater, live bands, and more. They may also come back with an expanded food palate. It’s no secret that Millennials and Gen Z’s are foodies. They love to experience new cuisines. There are no limits with pizza, seafood, and imaginative cuisine prepared by master chefs, many ways to experience new foods. There is plenty of opportunities for your student to unwind and have some fun with laser tag, giant water slides, sports courts, karaoke, a zipline, an arcade, mini-golf, and ice skating just to name a few. Those who are a little more adventurous may want to participate in the Latin dance classes, cupcake making, jewelry making, fitness classes, or sushi-making experiences.

A Spring Break Cure

Buying a cruise for you son or daughter not only makes them feel loved, but it also shows you acknowledge the hard work they’re putting into school. No breaks create burn out. A cruise is just the thing your student needs to come back refreshed and ready to work. Talk about winning the best parent of the year award! Not only will your kid love the vacation, but it will benefit their overall character, college experience, and social skills. Set your student up for her best future with a seven night Caribbean cruise.

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