Experience Celestial Magic: Chilean Eclipse Tour


Those of us who have had the opportunity to experience an eclipse first hand will know what an awe-inspiring experience it is. As you gather with friends and family to watch this spectacular event you will at first notice nothing out of the ordinary but as things progress the light of the sun will begin to grow dim. If you have special protective eyewear you can look at the sun and see a slowly growing bite being taken out of it as the shadow of the moon crosses over the sun. (Please keep in mind that you should never look at the sun without protection as this can result in permanent eye damage and even blindness). Eventually the eclipse will reach the point of totality where the magnificent glow of the corona can be seen surrounding a disk of darkness. Once the eclipse is in this phase, the sky will grow dark, the stars will come out and animals may be confused thinking night has fallen. A total solar eclipse is one of the most amazing events you can experience. Now imagine coupling this occasion with a trip to South America to see the wonders and natural beauty of Chile!
Are you intrigued by the possibility of experiencing an eclipse while on vacation in Chile? If so, you should consider booking our Chilean Eclipse Tour that takes place from December 9-15 of 2020. The tour begins with your arrival in the capital city of Santiago where you can visit such historical sites as the Plaza de Armas Square, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the National Museum of History. On the second day of the tour you will enjoy a visit to the cities of Viña deal Mar and Valparaiso on the Pacific Coast. You’ll be able to see the contrast between these two cities as we go from the stylish beach culture of Vina to the artistic culture of Valparaiso, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Colorful homes dot the hills providing a beautiful backdrop for photos.
During day three of the tour, you will visit the city of Temuco. Temuco means “temu water” as the Temu tree is a medicinal plant that has been used for centuries by the indigenous people to make herbal infusions that treat a variety of ailments. Stops include the municipal market, which is known for a wide variety of local artisan ware and handicrafts. We will also visit Nielol hill an ancient site where ceramics and other objects associated with the Mapuche culture have been discovered. The hill is also the site of the “Patagua Peace Tree”, planted there in remembrance of a number of historical events in the region. Later, we will visit the Araucania Museum, which preserves the historical and cultural heritage of the region. At the museum you will be able to travel back and time and see events that have transpired from the days of hunter gatherer tribes up to the beginning of European colonization.


Day four of your Chilean adventure includes a visit to the Villarrica and its nearby volcano. From there we travel on to the city of Pucon where you can walk along the beach and enjoy lunch before heading to the Villarrica National Park. The volcano is the centerpiece of the park and includes native forest, lava valleys, lakes and lagoons as well as a diversity of plant and animal life. There are numerous opportunities for hiking, wildlife viewing, or simply enjoy the icy beauty of these volcanic peaks.
Days five and six will culminate in the actual viewing of the eclipse. In the morning, we depart from Temuco towards Lake Galletue. We will be met by a local guide who is a member of the Pewenche community and will spend time getting to know the area, its local agriculture, way of life, and its people. Following lunch, we will be introduced to the Mapuche loom and have a small course in this type of weaving. Day six is the tour highlight as we travel to a special eclipse observation site and witness this spectacular event in the shadow of the Andes mountains. Once the eclipse has occurred you will have the option to head back to Santiago and fly home or you can extend your trip with an optional excursion to the scenic Alpine region of Patagonia, near the bottom of the world or do a lake crossing to Baricoche, Argentina and ending in Buenos Aires.
Do you like adventure? Do you enjoy natural beauty and scenic wonders? Are you someone who is awed by majesty of a solar eclipse and other astronomical phenomena? If your answer to these questions is an enthusiastic yes then we encourage you to book our Chilean Eclipse Tour as soon as possible, spaces are going fast. The travel experts at Condor Tours & Travel stand ready to assist you. Contact us at info@condortoursandtravel.com or call us at 800-783-8847.  You can also visit our website details on this package at https://www.condortoursandtravel.com/package_details.php?package_id=416 for more details.