Why use an agent?

International travel is a great way to experience new foods, cultures, sights and smells from around the world. However, international travel is also a complex and expensive undertaking. The best way to plan your overseas trip is to use the services of trained travel agents such as our agents at Condor Tours & Travel, Inc. We can help make sure your journey is as smooth and trouble free as possible so that you can get on with enjoying the vacation experience of a lifetime!Panoramic view of Machu Picchu surrounded in matinal fog Cusco1 Here are some other good reasons for using a travel agent on your international trip:

• The amount of information on the Internet can make it hard to decipher and confusing to the customer. We have the experience and expertise to help you navigate all that information quickly and efficiently. At Condor Tours & Travel we only use proven and trustworthy services to make sure you are getting the latest and most accurate information. Most sites use various tricks and gimmicks to rank high in online search results, but they can’t necessarily be trusted to provide the best resources.

• Online reviews are another source that many people use to help plan their vacation. But how accurate are these reviews, really? There are many “haters” on the Internet who will leave deliberately inflammatory or hostile reviews for their own personal gratification. Using a travel agent who is familiar with the destination can help clarify issues or address concerns based on personal knowledge. Relying on online reviews of questionable veracity could lead to more problems on your trip.

• Identity theft is always a concern. When you make your travel and lodging arrangements online, you do not know how secure the sites are. Will your identity be protected when you make your bookings? If you use one of our agents, you have an added layer of protection for your identity information. We make every effort to protect your information.

• We know that the vendors, suppliers, and properties that we work with are reliable. We work with them on a regular basis, so they’ve been vetted. We don’t send our clients to people/places that we do not know. When we use a vendor, a supplier, or a property, we have confidence that our clients will get great service.Cotopaxi volcano

• Often, if you make the arrangements for your trip online, you are limited to a certain number of travelers. We make sure all of those traveling with you are included. Also, many property bookings do not include day tours or airport transfers. It is our job to make sure your needs are met. You may not know what to ask for or what you need. Our agents know how to help you and know what questions to ask.

Visa and passport requirements can be confusing. We are familiar with those requirements and can help you navigate the paperwork required for you to travel internationally. The last thing you need is to have a delay because of a misunderstanding about Visa or passport requirements. We can help you move smoothly through the process.

• Safety is always a concern when traveling, especially overseas. We know where to go and where not to go, so that we can help assure your safety while you travel. We strongly encourage travel protection coverage.

• Finally, as you make your preparations and arrangements, you have someone with whom you can communicate. Your agent is there for you to ask questions and to guide you through the entire process of your international trip.

Another great thing about using Condor Tours & Travel is there is no cost to you for our services! Our commissions are paid by the supplier or hotel, not by the customer. We have the same booking engine for properties that all hotels use including Expedia, Hotels.com, and Trivago. We have access to the exact same inventory of rooms they do. So, using our services makes the planning of your international trip easier, safer, and more convenient. You always have an agent available who will answer your questions. We hope that you will consider Condor Tours & Travel when you plan your next trip, whether domestic or international.