Why you should use a travel agent

We’ve probably all known someone who considered themselves “handy” and able to take care of things on their own. You see this commonly with people who own houses and take it upon themselves to “fix” problems without really knowing what they are doing. The end result is often pipes that leak, electrical problems, tiles that buckle and crack and so forth. There are some situations in which it is just better to hire a professional and let them do their job. This is true of home repairs but it is also true when it comes time to plan that dream vacation. Many times, we think we can save money by planning our trip ourselves, only to find out that we have wasted time and money and unfortunately had a less than stellar vacation experience. So, what are the benefits of having a travel agent in your corner?

Travel agents are experts in all things vacation and travel related. They know what the travel market is like and will listen to your needs and concerns. A good travel agent can match you up with a superior product, better than anything you can find with a cursory search of the internet. Even the best planned trip doesn’t always turn out as expected. When this happens, a travel agent can act as an intermediary for you, even if it is something that was your fault. They know how to work with the hotel chains, resorts, airlines, and cruise companies to help get your vacation back on track. Travel agents are your friends and allies, so don’t leave home without one in your corner.

Ecuador Oct 2007 009Travel professionals also have access to a variety of tools that the average customer either doesn’t have or is not aware of. They can sometimes get you a better seat on the airplane, extra amenities, tickets for events, or a cruise package upgrade. If you want, they can even plan out your whole itinerary for you. Travel agents can save you time and make things more convenient for you by matching you with the vacation package you really want. Some slickly packaged destinations may look good on TV but they may not really meet your needs as a traveler. By using the same travel agent repeatedly, you will develop a personal rapport as they become your trusted friend and advisor. Eventually you may get to the point where a simple phone call or email is all that is needed to plan your next vacation getaway.
Everyone likes to save money, right? By leveraging their supplier relationships, a travel professional can, at the very least, match the lowest price you might find online while saving you time and effort. They can also book transfers for you and include them in the final price, making the overall experience cheaper. Travel agents also add value in other ways that the general consumer may not be aware of. They may get you free upgrades such as champagne on arrival or a room with a view. Travel experts have inside information on the best times to visit crowded destinations and they have the inside track on new up-and-coming spots; they can get you in before everyone else discovers the same locale.

Maybe you are a person that has a taste for adventure? canopy-tour-arenal-paraiso-3-cablesOr likes to go off the beaten path? Many exotic tours and experiences are only available through a travel agent. Many exotic travel companies want to make sure their customers are the right fit for the experience. Jungle treks, hidden waterfalls, and private jets are often only available through an agent. Denali Whitewater Rafting 1Finally, travel agents are just all-around great people. They are friendly, personable, and eager to work with you. They come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences and bring a wealth of knowledge to help you plan the perfect vacation. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge with discerning customers like you. Call our caring and experienced team at Condor Tours and Travel today and let us make your vacation dream a reality!

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