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Words will often fail when trying to describe the totality of a solar eclipse. Over a century ago, author Mabel Loomis Todd was able to capture the experience in her book titled: “Total Eclipse of the sun, 1894”. Ms. Todd was a writer and editor from America who often traveled with her astronomer husband, David Peck, during the late 1800s.

Solar Eclipse totality lasts no longer than seven to seven and a half minutes. Solar eclipses with a seven-minute totality is a rare occurrence you should not expect to happen again until 2186. What is more common to view would be the two to three minutes of totality during a solar eclipse. Most writers will describe day turning into the night when in actuality, day turns into evening twilight. Gazers of the eclipse will need protective eyewear to view the event. Permanent eye blindness and damage may result when attempting to look directly at the solar eclipse, and we do not recommend it. Stars will appear as you feel a slight chill in the air during the event. The brightest planets, such as Jupiter and Venus, can be seen. People of science may state the facts that occur during a solar eclipse; however, it would surely take a real poet to deliver the proper impression.

If you are more than fascinated by the possibility of viewing a solar eclipse while on vacation in Chile, than consider booking our Chile eclipse tour from December 9-15, 2020.
Chile is a long, narrow country stretching along South America’s western edge, with more than 6,000km of Pacific Ocean coastline. Santiago, its capital, sits in a valley surrounded by the Andes and Chilean Coast Range mountains. The city’s palm-lined Plaza de Armas contains the neoclassical cathedral and the National History Museum. The massive Parque Metropolitano offers swimming pools, a botanical garden and zoo.

On day one, plan to arrive in the capital city of Santiago and explore the city with a tour. This entertaining half-day tour consists in visiting the main attractions of Santiago, the country’s most important cultural, cosmopolitan and artistic hub. We start out with a visit to the highpoints of the city’s civic center, such as Cerro San Cristobal (a centrally located historic urban park), the La Moneda Palace (presidential offices) and the traditional Plaza de Armas square, a meeting place for Santiago’s diverse and multicultural expressions. Buildings of historical value can be found in the neighborhood, such as the Metropolitan Cathedral, National Museum of History and Central Post Office. We later walk through the Parque Forestal, a park running parallel to the Mapocho river with a variety of tree species offering a refreshing break from the urban agitation of the city’s center, and continue on to Barrio Bellavista, Santiago’s bohemian neighborhood, with some of the best bars and restaurants in the city.

Day two visit to Viña del Mar & Valparaiso where you will enjoy a delightful visit to two cities located on the Pacific coast that is just one hour and half by car from Santiago. Our drive will take you through Casablanca; known for its fine vineyards where we can take a break for a wine-tasting experience (the latter is only available for private tours). Once we arrive to the coast, we’ll first visit Viña del Mar, also known as the “Garden City” because of its beautiful beaches, lovely parks and flower garden landscapes (such as the famous flower clock). It has become one of the central region’s most important tourism attractions. The peaceful seascape is an attractive complement for the city’s modern streets and infrastructure, turning it into an entertaining hub in constant movement. Our second destination is the picturesque city-port of Valparaiso, founded in the 16th century. You’ll marvel at the contrast between both cities, as the stylishness and beach culture of Viña is replaced here by a much more popular and artistic style. The port was declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site in 2003 and offers a unique and fascinating architectural adventure. Built on several steep hills above the port, the homes and buildings on the hillsides can be reached by walking along its streets, climbing the long stairs or take the cable cars built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Colorful homes dot the hills forming an irresistible landscape for photo enthusiasts and lovers of traditional sites. Lunch included followed by Aromas Tour at Casas del Bosque Vineyards

Day three, you will take a flight from Santiago to Temuco (lakes region of Chile) where you will spend the next 4 nights exploring the lakes and culminating with the Eclipse on December 14. We have included a Temuco Tour which is the Capital of the Araucania Region, a tour to the Villa Rica Volcano and experience in Pucón and a wonderful experience at a Mapuche Community. In this community you will be received by the local guide of the Pewenche Community of Quinquen to learn about its agricultural way of life and their cosmovision. You will also get to experience a small course in weaving.

Eclipse map

On December 14 you will be taken to a special site to experience the eclipse with a lunch in the field. Our ground team and team of experts will be on hand to make sure your eclipse experience is a once in a lifetime – had to be there moment! After the eclipse, return to your hotel for your final night.

Day 7 of your trip is a travel day back to Santiago and onto the USA or you can opt for an extension to Argentina. You will do a lake crossing to Bariloche where you will explore Bariloche and a full day Tronador Tour. Then on December 19 fly to Buenos Aires where you will explore the city on a half day tour and a Tango by night. On our last full day in BA you will enjoy a Gaucho Party at Santa Susana Ranch. Your experience ends on December 21 with a Tigre and Delta Tour and transfer to airport for your international flight home.

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