Traveling with a professional photographer to Panama

Lori head shotBeing a travel supplier at Condor Tours & Travel is a wonderful job as I get to explore the world and learn all about a destination so I can have a vast travel bank of knowledge and better serve my clients when they are selecting a destination. Most of the time my travel is with other agents acquiring the same working knowledge. This trip was different, I went to a destination, Panama, with a professional photographer. We experienced Panama in a completely different way.

This destination happens to be one I have vast knowledge of, as I grew up in Panama and got my start in tourism specifically selling Panama before we expanded worldwide as a full service travel company.  On this trip, my goal was to see a destination through a travelers eyes.  This particular travel is a professional photographer that has particular interest when she travels and that is to key in on the culture, history and wildlife.  We focused our time mostly around Panama City and surrounding areas and she found a treasure trove of photo spots.  Here is the link to her blog.

Lori with EmberaDuring our trip we visited a local Indigenous village and spent the day immersed in their culture, from cooking to crafting and learning about their way of life.   We even went for a hike and water fall swim.  Our ride to and from was in a dug out canoe called a Piragua.  The tribe we visited was called “Tusipono” tribe.  the photo opportunities were endless as they loved to having us there and posed endlessly.  Check out Mary’s blog

On another day we did a jungle boat trip into capuchin monkeyGatun Lake and had the opportunity to spot and photograph monkeys, sloths , birds and other wildlife.  I think Mary shot 1000 pictures.  This is also fun day to hike again to a water fall and swim, swim from the house boat located on one of Gatun Lake fingers and eat local cuisine.

We also visited the Panama Canal Locks at Miraflores where they have a wonderful historic museum detailing the original locks and the project and completion of the new locks that opened in 2016.  From the rooftop we got to watch several ships and small sailing vessels transit Southbound through the locks.   Although I have done it many times, this time I watched how she took advantage of lighting and shadows to get some amazing shots.

Our evenings were a mix of activities from night hikes and rides to a dinner show at Tinajas where we enjoyed typical dances and costumes all part of Panama culture.  If you have an interest in visiting this country – let me know. I can be reached at, 770-339-9961   or visit my web page.


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